Make Meat Real Again

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Made to order and printed Direct to Garment in North Carolina!

Description: Con fort Colors Unisex Relaxed Tee Shirt

100% cotton, (may shrink a little) so do not dry if you do not want to shrink, or size up! I also recommend washing inside out & hanging to dry to preserve design quality 


Chest to fit!

XS: 31"-34" 

S: 31"-37"

M: 38"-41"

L: 42"-45"

XL: 46"-49" 

2XL: 50"-53" 


Why choose us?

We Believe in women in ag

In an industry dominated by males, it's important to remember that women in agriculture matter. Women in ag can be girlie & work hard in the field and at the office. Together we stand for agriculture.

Customer Reviews


"So soft & fits perfectly!"

Ashley J.

"Comfortable fit & washes well. More on the way & will continue to order!"

Danielle R.

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